Armed to the teeth. Controlled by your fingertip. Ready for action. 


After the endless runner comes the endless shooter: A new type of Shoot'em Up (SHMUP),
optimized for touch screen.
Launch missiles, shoot the cannon, or dodge enemy projectiles, all with the swipe of a finger.
Master the challenge and earn your place on the high score table of destruction.



A Little backstory:
A whole new terrorist threat has risen, stronger and more aggressive than anything before.
With a large force of stolen military equipment, the group has already murdered thousands of their own people and forced millions to become refugees.
You have been their prisoner, rotting in one of many terror camps, despairingly awaiting your execution.
But one day, you manage to overpower your guard. You take his rifle and flee into the desert.
Just outside the camp's walls, you spot the terrorists' latest war loot: a Mil Mi-24 Helicopter. Massive, armed to the teeth and ready to rain death upon the civilian population.
This is the moment where you decide against your escape.
You shoot the pilot, start the helicopter, and head back to the terror camp. Time for a little payback.

Mi-24 Tank Killer. The first in a new line of mobile games called FAIRWARE:
- real challenge
- minimal permissions
- no in-app purchases